Inclusion & Belonging

Furthering Our Purpose

We are committed to building a work environment where crew feel valued and that they belong. Our intent is to constantly learn and challenge ourselves to take meaningful, positive actions that directly impact our stakeholders, including our crew.

We believe creating a culture of inclusion and belonging allows us to further our purpose to improve the lives of people, animals, and the planet through food.

Our values

Many corporate values are words that sound nice on a plaque but are never taken further. At Vital Farms, we strive to create a culture where our crew can live and engage in alignment with our values every day.


To further our values, we have established three Inclusion & Belonging Committees. Our committees are created by crew, for crew. Groups of Vital Farms crewmembers within each of these committees stack hands to drive initiatives that celebrate and honor a diverse crew through company-wide events, resources, and education.

Culture Crew

The Culture Crew aims to nurture a workplace where every voice is heard, every culture is respected, and the bonds of Vital Farms crew grow even stronger.

Wellness Squad

The Wellness Squad is focused on whole crew wellness aligned to four critical pillars of health: physical, workplace/occupational, community, and mental.

Women’s Committee

The Women’s Committee is dedicated to fostering connections, driving professional and personal development, and supporting women’s mentorship.

Crew Resource Groups

We believe inclusion and belonging happen best through relationships. Crew Resource Groups (CRGs) are places where crewmembers can gather, learn, and share. CRGs aim to create space for unique and diverse perspectives to be heard and celebrated.

Our CRGs can be found engaging in book and podcast discussions, participating in inclusion chats, attending virtual and in-person happy hours, and sponsoring lunch-and-learns.

Girls on grass

Girls on Grass is the first stop for crewmembers who identify as female, and allies, to join an inclusive and supportive group of people across the organization. Our mission is to create opportunities for women and allies to connect and forge meaningful relationships in a safe and collaborative space. We are committed to empowering personal and professional growth through opportunities for social connection, discussions on unique issues women face in the workplace, and educational forums like guest speakers and panel discussions.

Multicultural Coalition (MCC)

The MCC is committed to creating a safe space for our BIPOC crew and allies. By using our voices, identity, culture, and perspectives to educate, celebrate, advocate, and collaborate, we will build an inclusive environment dedicated to enriching and supporting the Vital Farms experience for our multicultural community.

United Veterans & Allies

At Vital Farms, we value our service members and those who have served our country. The United Veterans & Allies’ mission is to foster a sense of community and support for all crewmembers while spreading information and spotlighting area events, resources, and holidays.


Vital PRIDE’s mission is to provide a safe and inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ crewmembers and allies where we create connections, share knowledge, and reinforce the call for equality and awareness in and outside the LGBTQ+ community.

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Farm with us

Pasture-raising puts the welfare of our animals at the heart of our business. We require our farmers to allot at least 108 square feet per hen, giving the girls plenty of room to roam and allowing the land enough time to rejuvenate naturally, without pesticides or herbicides. Interested in joining our network of farmers? Click below to read the FAQs and apply!