Get to Know Eric Silverstein

Owner & Chef of Peached Tortilla

Meet Eric Silverstein, Vital Farms Foodservice Customer from Peached Tortilla and Bar Peached in Austin, Texas.

Born in Tokyo, Eric became immersed in Japanese food culture as a child. When his family moved to Atlanta, Georgia, he fell in love with Southern cooking.

Today, Eric combines his Asian roots and love of southern comfort food to create unique dishes for others to enjoy.

About Eric and Peached Tortilla

Over the years, Peached Tortilla has grown from a single food truck to a brick-and-mortar restaurant, full-service catering company, and venue space – offering a range of experiences from an appetizer and a cocktail to a plated catered dinner.

In 2010, when Eric first opened his food truck, the menu was centered on unique tacos, sliders, burritos and rice bowls. In 2014, Peached Tortilla opened its doors as a brick-and-mortar restaurant and began to explore more unique combinations. Today, you can find items on their menu like a banh mi taco, bacon jam fries and banana Nutella spring rolls.

A word from Eric on using Vital Farms eggs

“We use Vital Farms because their eggs are a quality product. Once I started using Vital Farms eggs, it was impossible to go back to any other type of egg; there is simply too big a difference between the texture, richness and flavor of a Vital Farms pasture-raised egg compared to other eggs on the market.”

Eric’s Favorited Dish at Peached Tortilla featuring Vital Farms eggs

Malaysian Laksa Bowl. A noodle dish that features a curry seafood broth, poached shrimp, herbs, green onions, bean sprouts, topped with a Vital Farms egg. We cook the egg for 45 minutes sous vide which creates a delicious silky texture.

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