Get to know the Farmer Support Team

Meet Kathleen, Farmer Support Coordinator

Kathleen joined the Vital Farms crew in 2019, and she’s been taking care of the girls ever since. As a farmer support coordinator, her day-to-day consists of visiting farms, checking in on hens, and helping farmers problem-solve.

Once the girls are placed on their farms, Kathleen leads the charge in making sure our pasture ladies have the best start for a happy life. She advises the farmers on hen nutrition, health, and disease challenges as well as overall barn management.

Read below to hear more from Kathleen!

Did you ever see yourself working with farmers?

I have an agriculture background, both in experience and education. I didn’t plan to work with chickens, but I always had chickens and other fowl up until I started at Vital Farms. Chickens are awesome creatures, so fun to watch and be around. I’m also a “people person,” so working with the farmers and getting to know their families is a natural fit for me. 


What’s the best part of the job?

Lots of things! Getting to know the farmers, the farmer support team is fantastic, no day is the same, helping the farmers and the hens is very rewarding. CHICKENS!!!


If you wanted our fans to know one thing about Vital Farms what would it be?

The farmers really care about their birds. Of course it’s a business, but they do everything they can (they go above and beyond) to take care of their girls. Also, Vital Farms has put together an awesome support team. Any time I have a question, someone on our team knows the answer. The sheer amount of poultry knowledge packed into one team is awe-inspiring!


How do you prefer your Vital Farms eggs?

Breakfast casserole! Tater tots, sausage and eggs baked together in the oven or crock pot! Hard-boiled would be a close second!

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