Like to Roam Outside? So do Our Girls

Our Girls' Top 3 Outdoor Activities

Have you been getting outside this summer – walking trails, swimming in the lake, or working in the garden? It sounds like you have a lot in common with our girls! Let’s take a little peek into our hens’ favorite outdoor activities.

Frolicking in the Forest

Our girls are curious and playful at heart. To support these traits, our farmers provide plenty of forested pasture land for their hens to explore. Their daily “hikes” through these forests are filled with adventure. There are plenty of wild grasses to frolic in, tree trunks to hop across, and leafy canopies to roost in while basking in the summer breeze.

Dust Bathing

There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as a nice, shady dust bath on a hot summer day. Dust bathing is part of a hen’s self-care routine. Interestingly enough, it’s how our girls groom themselves to stay clean! Plus, burrowing down into the cool soil feels about as refreshing as a nice mid-summer swim at the lake.


Foraging is one of our girls’ favorite pasture pastimes. Summer soils – rich with juicy insects and tasty grasses – are especially fun to dig and peck through! Foraging keeps the girls happy and healthy, giving them the freedom to express their natural hen selves.

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