Four-Legged Lady Facts

June is National Dairy Month! As an ode of appreciation for the girls who produce cream for your butter, we’re churning out dairy facts and butter-inspired recipes all month long.

Let’s kick off Dairy Month with 4 fun facts about our four-legged ladies:

1. Did you know cows love a solid routine?

Our girls feel most content when they can flow through their daily rhythm of socializing with the herd, eating, drinking, and napping. Ah, what a life! 

2. You just spent the whole day playing with your herd of BFFs. Y’know what sounds great? A comfy spot to rest and recharge! Our girls are given groomed sand lots to ensure they have plenty of space to wind down and relax after a full day of socializing and eating whatever their hearts desire.

3. A cool cow is a happy cow!

Because cows are ruminants, meaning they digest their food in a segment of their stomach called the rumen, they tend to generate a lot of heat. Our farmers provide ample shade and ensure their milking facilities are equipped with fans and sprinklers. This practice keeps the ladies cool and content. Throw some sunnies over their soulful eyes, and you’re hanging with the coolest cows on the block.

4. A dairy cow who spends her day chewing cud is a sign that she is healthy and relaxed.

What is cud, you ask? Cud is a portion of food returned from a ruminant’s stomach to be re-chewed. Chewing cud allows the ladies to better digest their food. Plus, it’s the best way for them to absorb the nutrients needed for milk production! According to the University of Kentucky, dairy cows spend nearly 8 hours a day chewing their cuds, totaling about 30,000 chews daily! Imagine how strong those fuzzy jaws must be!

Looking to learn more about our four-legged ladies? Head over to our Dairy Farms page!

Looking to learn more about our four-legged ladies? Head over to our Dairy Farms page!

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