The Egg Room

How our farmers collect their eggs

Do you ever wonder how our farmers collect their eggs, ultimately landing in your cartons?

Each of our farmers has an egg collecting room that we like to call, The Egg Room. You can think of the Egg Room like a farmer’s little egg factory, complete with machines, controls, pallets, and a whole lot of eggs.

Every morning, after the girls lay their eggs, our farmers migrate to their Egg Room to collect their eggs. One at a time, eggs roll along a conveyor belt, from barn to egg room, ready to be inspected and stacked into trays. Oftentimes, this egg-collecting routine becomes a family chore. Parents, children, and grandchildren come together in the egg room to not only gather eggs, but to create long-lasting family memories.

And while some of our farmers invest in automated systems, many carefully pack each and every egg by hand before making their way to Egg Central Station, where our crew washes and packs them in the same cartons you know and love.

Our Farmer, Murray, and his Nephew gathering True Blues at CG Farms
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