The Faces of ECS

Say hello to Cassidy!

In an effort to shine a spotlight on the people who make up Egg Central Station, we’re bringing you some of their stories in a series called The Faces of ECS.

Cassidy’s one of our processing associates who helps keep Egg Central Station clucking. Cassidy is a Springfield, MO native who joined the Vital Farms crew at the end of 2017. Cassidy herself grew up on a family farm and is currently studying animal sciences at Missouri State.


You’ve been with ECS from the beginning, what has that been like?

There’s been so much change! I used to be on the later shift, so even just the change of working days instead of nights has been a big switch. It’s been cool to see how we’ve grown and have new machines to work on.


Why Vital Farms?

I love Vital Farms because of the way we value animals. I’m one of five kids and my family has a farm so I was always around animals, helping out with chores and that sort of thing. Even now my boyfriend’s family has a farm with pigs and cows so I’m always around animals.


What would you say keeps you motivated to work so hard?

That’s tough, but I’d say the future! I’m currently going to school, studying animal sciences, and I’d love to one day work with the small family farmers. I think it’d be my dream to work for the farmer support team and get to work side-by-side with the farmers every day.

Thank you, Cassidy for all you do!

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