What is Pasture Rotation?

Good for the land, good for the girls

To give the land time to regenerate, and give our girls fresh greenery and critters to forage, we use a practice called pasture rotation.

So how does it work?

Each of our small family farms is divided into 8 paddocks (or parts of the pasture), and about every 21 days, our farmers move the girls to a new paddock.

Good for the land, good for the girls

This practice helps give the land time to regenerate. Once a paddock is tired, the girls move to a new paddock, and it will be about a little less than 5 months until girls are grazing on that paddock again. Much like us, the land needs time to rest! This is also beneficial for the girls. It gives them fresh grasses, critters, and foliage to explore about every 21 days.

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